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Occomeia Organic Skincare Testimonials

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"It gets double thumbs up. It removed my make-up with no left over residue.
1) When I use the product with just my hands, it lathers up fine.
2) When I use a washcloth, is when I have the lathering problems. I have to use more product, 5 instead of 3."

"Dousing Myself. Yeah everything’s still the same, everyone loves it! I myself am dousing myself in it. Your right, I started using it on my body and I love it. I run through it faster bc I am using it on my body. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I like the psyche swirl."

"My two-year-old daughter had the worst skin until I tried this new cleanser. At first I was skeptical but it actually really worked to improve her dry skin. I even stopped using the soap over a few days, while we were on vacation, and my daughter's skin got visibly worse. Once I started using the product again her skin miraculously cleared up! I am very pleased with this soap/cleanser given that my daughter's skin has been problematic since birth. I highly recommend the cleanser for anyone with dry troubled skin."

"I was asked to try this product a couple months ago and hesitated (being of the senior generation) in trying anything new and not yetat that timeon the national market. I have suffered with an annoying rash down in the front of my neck for about 6 years. I originally thought it was from walking in the sun...my husband and I are tremendous walkers. he and I are in our 70's... so I assumed it was sun irritation....and I refused to give up walking...so I was willing to accept this as part of aging. I used all sorts of skin lotions and sun block to relieve the itching and red rash..Most only gave temporary relief...it never really left. Recently, during the winter, this rash flared up again...this time no sun. I used Occomeia twice a day for 48 hrs... 2 day sitching totally stopped...rash totally left,...it was UNREAL!!! It was wonderful to not wake up in the middle of the night because of "itching"...what a relief. I am definitely hooked on this marvelous soap...and the container is small enough to carry in my purse...that is really a plus for the women."

"I love this soap! I had been using a different foaming cleanser that does not compare. The combination of the four ingredients leaves my skin feeling super soft and squeaky clean and is great at taking off all of my makeup. Just a couple of pumps are all it takes; a little goes a long way. I am pregnant and have been experiencing redness and blotchiness on my face. Occomeia has completely cleared my extra sensitive, irritable skin and left me glowing.

I have one request- please make a larger bottle for the shower so it can be used for the entire body!"

"My skin never felt so clean or looked more even toned!"

"Product is working, can’t go without it."

"A dream Come True" I LOVE this soap!! I usually have normal to oily skin and since using the soap I don't have to use anything else. My face is just as soft and silky and don't have to use any other product. Actually since using the product it has saved me money because this is all I have to put on my face. What a wonderful product for a clean, fresh face and makes it easy on the pocketbook!! Keep up the good work.