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Occomeia Organic Skincare Testimonials

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I need another applicator bottle that was included with my order in March. This is the only thing that has been able to clear up the dark, dry skin patch down my daughter's stomach.

Hello Occomeia, I just wanted to thank you again for the applicator. My daughter went swimming this past weekend and she regained her confidence - her rash/dry patch was completely healed! I hope you get the patent soon.

Z.E. Jenkins
"I simply adore this Occomeia Organic Foaming Cleanser! I too have sensitive skin & sometimes have exema breakouts above my lip. I've only been using it a couple weeks & can already tell the difference! Yay! I'm a model & I walked in the NBA wives benefit show during All Star weekend. Erica Annise produced the show & I walked away with the cutest gift box with your product in it! I'm going to sing its praises because the cleansing foam is so invigorating & smells so divine!

S. Harris
We tried the $70 creams and face wash prescribed by the dermatologist, Proactive and Clearasil. Occomeia is the only product able to clear my eleven year old daughter’s face. She’s no longer embarrassed about the appearance of her skin.

Thank you!

M. Jacob - Boston, MA
I don't want to sound like a Occomeia infomercial, but I will speak the truth! My daughter is currently using the Occomeia Organic Foaming Cleanser and moisturizer. Prior to Occomeia, she had been living with moderate/severe acne. Absolutely NOTHING has helped her the way Occomeia Foaming Cleanser has. This product has consistently kept her skin clear. It works. I know everyone's skin is different, and you may not have the success story she has, but it is DEFINITELY worth a try! Her skin is beautiful, smooth, and healthy looking (which she has not experienced in about 2 years!).

"I love the new products! If you only knew how good my face looked you would be proud. I have not worn foundation on my face in three months!"

E. A.
"I have very sensitive skin and also skin prone to acne. It has been very hard for me to find a product that will help both. I have tried over the counter products and prescription medicines, however, clear skin was never accomplished. Since I came across Occomeia skin care products, I felt and saw a difference right away. I was very skeptical at the beginning, but my skin was the biggest proof that this product does work. For the first time in my life I got a complement on my skin the other day and all I could think of was thank you Ocomeia!"

Lisa Dorsey, M.D
"When I spoke with a friend about skin care products, he suggested that I use Occomeia facial soap. I agreed and a few days later, I received the product in the mail. I was hesitant to use it because I had been in the sun a few days later and I thought that the Occomeia facial soap might irritate my skin even more. I am a practicing physician, and I often stick to traditional skin care products with my patients. My friend assured me that this product would help my rash. I tried the facial soap that night and awakened to a rash free face. I have been using it since I received it a few weeks ago. This product is all that I need for clear skin! "

Kendi K, Lexington, KY
"I started using Occomeia a few weeks ago and I have never been so impressed with a facial cleanser. Not only is it all natural but it removes makeup and dirt without drying my skin. I suffer from eczema and combination dry/oily skin and I used to several products to maintain healthy clear skin. I am happy to say I found everything I need in one product!!"

Gail Porter, Chicago, IL
"I have a severe case of seborrheic dermatitis and I also have eczema. I have used numerous prescription soaps, ointments and lotions that my dermatologist has prescribed for my conditions. None of them manage my conditions better than Occomeia's foaming face wash. As a matter of fact, I only wash my face with it now and only have to use the prescription lotions a few times a week instead of daily. I could tell a difference in my face after using the product after a day. I also have tried the exfoliant, which is fantastic! I'm waiting for Occomeia to come out with a moisturizer so that I don't have to use any other products on my face."

"This soap is great. It doesn't smell like medicine and keeps my skin smooth and soft. The change in my skin happened so quickly I didn't have time to take before pictures. Now I can shave daily with any razor and not worry."